Long John Silver’s Invite-A-Friend Promotion

Long John Silver’s Wants You To Invite-A-Friend To Lunch

Long John Silver’s, America’s largest quick-service seafood chain with over 1200 units worldwide, and Mediaura have recently teamed up to create an exciting (and money-saving) new social media experience for fans of the restaurant.

Developed by Mediaura the Invite-A-Friend promotion is an Interactive Facebook tab, designed exclusively for Long John Silver’s that allows fans of the restaurant to select friends from their Facebook page that they would like to invite to dine with them. Users who successfully register for the offer qualify to receive a coupon for 2 FREE 20 oz. soft drinks when purchasing one of Long John Silver’s a 2 for $10 meals.

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How The Facebook Promotion Works

Users simply need to click on the “LJS Invite-A-Friend” tab located on Long John Silver’s Facebook profile. They are then guided through a series of steps in order to register for LJS promotions and receive their free coupon.

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The easy-to-follow instructions assist the user through each step, instructing them on not only how to register but also emphasizing that their information will be safely stored with Long John Silver’s.

Pertinent legal information is found at the bottom of each page, along with a link to full rules and store locations.

Once the user selects the “Get Started” button they are taken to the next step.

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Users are then asked to submit their contact information in order to receive their coupon via email. The only information requested by Long John Silver’s is the user:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number (optional)
  • Zip Code

This information is necessary as it allows Long John Silver’s to contact the user with their coupon after successfully registering and inviting their friends to the promotion.

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Once registration is complete, Facebook users can then begin inviting their friends and sharing information about other great offers available from Long John Silver’s.

Invite Your Friends On Facebook

Long John Silver's Invite-A-Friend Promotion

After selecting the “Invite Your Friends” button, a list of the user’s friends dynamically appears on screen, providing them with the opportunity to select as many friends as they would like to send an invitation. Once the user has identified their friends, they simply need to click the “Send Requests” button to proceed.

A notification will appear on the Timeline page of user that will appear like this:

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Once registration is complete and invitees are notified, users are taken to a page where they can see that all steps have been completed. Additionally, they are given the opportunity to view more promotions and coupons via www.ljsilvers.com

Long John Silver's Invite-A-Friend Promotion

That’s how easy it is to use the Long John Silver’s Invite-A-Friend Facebook app!

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