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Kentucky Humane Society

The Kentucky Humane Society is a brilliant example of a Non-Profit leveraging technology and digital marketing to not only expand their branding presence, but maximize their budget as well.

The team at Mediaura has been working closely with this invaluable organization for a short while now, educating their team on the benefits and value of digital marketing compared to the more expensive traditional methods previously utilized. During this time period we have been able to redesign their main website, develop effective social media campaign strategies across multiple platforms, improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), implement targeted PPC campaigns, as well as showcasing increasing ROI at every turn.

The forward-thinking team at the Kentucky Humane Society has recognized the inherent benefits of emerging technologies and constantly work with Mediaura to push the boundaries of what a Non-Profit is able to achieve on a non-profit budget. We are so incredibly proud to help this wonderful local organization achieve their goals and help out pets (and pet owners) in our community.

How Digital Advertising Can Help Grow Your Business

A recent study published by The Search Engine Journal demonstrates how the emerging digital marketing sector is outperforming traditional advertising. The report attributes this trend to an average maximum ROI of no more than 18% generated through television ad campaigns, the decline of print media circulation, and the fact that people prefer listening to their custom Pandora radio stations over traditional radio. The report notes that the same exact audience that can be reached with Super Bowl television ad campaigns can be acquired with digital marketing for 25% of the cost online.

Digital Marketing Benefits:

  • Wide Reach – the Internet has broken previously known geographic advertising restrictions
  • Target Oriented – companies can advertise on websites specific to their niche, and to their specific demographic
  • Quick Conversion – customers can learn about your products and purchase your services immediately
  • Measurable – tracking systems and analytics allow organizations to easily measure the effectiveness of their advertising
  • Informative – all the details of your offering can be easily accessible
  • Cost-Effective – through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, the client is actually only paying when the potential customer visits their website or looks for their specific product online
  • Easy To Use – even a business that is only a day old can advertise its service and products online, just by having a website
  • Social Media – if Facebook were a country, it would have 1.11 billion people, making it the THIRD largest country in the world

Results Of Digital Advertising

An effective digital marketing strategy will help a company increase the potency of its advertising budget. In other words, you can get a lot more for a lot less in terms of marketing presence. This has a dramatic effect on how companies can then re-allocate funds to grow their business.

And this is exactly how this local non-profit has been able to increase their audience by the thousands all for a lot less than traditional methods. With those savings, the Kentucky Humane Society has been able to develop a brand new website specifically for many of their paid-services.

Kentucky Humane Society Pet Resorts

When most people think about the “Kentucky Humane Society” they immediately think of pet adoption, but what many people don’t know, is that they offer a great deal of other services as well; services which help bring additional income and fund their organization’s mission. After experiencing first-hand the benefit of digital advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and effective PPC strategies, KHS decided to allocate funds to build a second, mobile-friendly website specifically for their Pet Boarding Resort services.

Website Design

The website has been built to highlight the locations and services provided by the Kentucky Humane Society Pet Resorts, such as:

  • Pet Boarding
  • Doggie Daycare
  • Pet Grooming

Pet Resort Locations

KHS Pet Resorts have two locations, one in Fern Creek and another in Eastpoint. Both of these locations are broken out in the website to give the viewer more information about each facility. Not just rates and services, but photos and videos to further inform pet owners about the exceptional quality of the KHS Pet Resorts.

Website Design

Website Design

Pet Grooming

Additional information regarding pet grooming, including the groomers themselves, can now be easily accessed for owners who are looking to pamper their pet.

Website Design

Doggie Daycare

Do you need someone to look after your pet? The Kentucky Humane Society has you covered with their Doggie Daycare program. This is a fully supervised, interactive program that allows clients to drop off on their dog on the way to work (or while running errands), and then pick up their pet on the way home!

Website Design

Rate & Reservation Information

Another wonderful benefit of a well-designed website, is that it provides all of the relevant information that a consumer would need. This information allows consumers to make better, more informed choices. For these reasons all rate information is available directly on their website.

Website Design

So now that the consumer has been able to review services and rates, we have implemented a reservation form directly on the website. This allows for increased conversions, as the consumer does not have to leave the website environment in order to register for services provided by KHS Pet Resorts.

Website Design

Why Support Kentucky Humane Society Pet Resorts?

Website Design

Unlike other “for profit” pet resorts, pet hotels, or pet services – money raise through the pet resorts helps to continue to support the efforts of the Kentucky Humane Society. The Kentucky Humane Society’s Eastpoint Pet Resort and Fern Creek Pet Resort provide superior boarding for owned cats and dogs as well as all-breed grooming, Doggie Daycare and dog training. Proceeds from the Pet Resorts benefit the Kentucky Humane Society’s lifesaving programs, including pet adoption and spay/neuter initiatives.

To view the full website, please go to

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