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Mediaura helped KentuckyOne Health launch a new customized Social Media campaign to coincide with their new branding.

Social Media Management

Our designs were built following the KentuckyOne Health brand standards and based upon feedback given as to what their social media needs would be. They elected to focus on three areas of social media: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. For each social media platform, they wanted KentuckyOne Health branding and information presented in a uniform manner; font, color, imagery, etc.

Mediaura specializes in Social Media Management, so we were happy to create custom pieces for our client.


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Custom twitter backgrounds are a must if you plan to network using Twitter. Think of your custom twitter design as your online business card. It helps to convey a personalized approach to social media and illustrates to your followers that you are engaged on more than just a surface level.

For KentuckyOne Health, we designed a custom Twitter Header image that complimented their website’s landing page.

Louisville Website Design

We also made sure to format the background so that it would be visible on both newer/high resolution monitors as well as older models. This is important, because if there is valuable information present, and the background is not designed correctly – then some users may be unable to view it properly on their screen.

Louisville Website Design


Louisville Website Design

For the YouTube background, we decided to keep it as simple as possible, so as the background did not distract from the videos on display. The videos are tagged to help elevate their Search Engine Optimization, as well as provide the viewer with as much information as possible. KentuckyOne Health provides a wide variety of videos including commericals, informational talks, public announcements, health care best practices, etc.

Facebook & Custom Facebook Application Tabs

Louisville Website Design

In addition to creating a custom Facebook Timeline Cover, we also built several custom Facebook tabs to provide the user with information directly from the page, eliminating the need to leave the Facebook environment to gain information such as: KentuckyOne Health general information, Service Lines provided, Location of facilities, videos, etc.

Why Custom Facebook Tabs Are Important

Tabs are more important than ever because:

  • They were moved to prime real estate in the page right below the Cover Photo, what we now know as the “Favorites” section, making them more prominent.
  • They got a lot more visual with the 111x74px graphic rather than the small favicon-like icon.

These 2 points turn Facebook Pages almost into a brand minisite, think of the “Favorites” section as the navigation bar on your website.

Custom “About Us” Facebook Tab

Custom Facebook Tab

When the viewer clicks on the “About Us” custom Facebook tab, they are taken to a page that provides them with general information about KentuckyOne Health as well as a link to their main website if the viewer would like further info.

Custom Facebook Tab

Custom “Service Lines” Facebook Tab

Custom Facebook Tab

With such an array of services provided, we wanted the viewer to be able to obtain as much information about the Service Lines of KentuckyOne Health as possible. So we developed a custom Facebook tab that would not only list the Service Lines available; but also at which KentuckyOne Health location they would be found.

Custom facebook tab
Custom Facebook Tab

Custom “Locations” Facebook Tab

Custom Facebook Tab

The third custom Facebook tab we created allows the viewer to gain information about the locations of various KentuckyOne Health facilities.

Custom Facebook Tab

When the viewer selects a location they are provided with an overview of the facility, as well as a list of Key Services provided at that particular KentuckyOne Health location. On the left, we have integrated with Google Maps API to provide a map and the address, along with a link to the individual facility’s website address.

Custom “Videos” Facebook Tab

Custom Facebook Tab
Custom Facebook Tab

The custom “Videos” Facebook tab serves a two-fold purpose. One, it provides the viewer with the latest videos uploaded to the KentuckyOne Health YouTube page. Secondly, the tab is designed to automatically populate the tab with the six most recent video uploads. This eliminates the need for multiple uploads/updates on two-different social media platforms (YouTube and Facebook). Now all KentuckyOne Health has to do, is upload their videos to their YouTube account and they will show up automatically on their Facebook page as well.

The benefit to the viewer is, again, the KentuckyOne Health Facebook page becomes a one-stop destination for all of their informative needs; location, service lines, videos, etc. And with the frequently updated information that the custom Facebook tabs provide, it helps KentuckyOne Health show their viewers that they are heavily engaged in Social Media.

Custom Facebook Tabs For Your Business

If you would like to learn more about Mediaura’s Social Media Management strategies, please visit our website, or call today at 502-554-9649. We are committed to providing the best, most affordable service for your Website Development and Social Media Management needs.

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