Say Hello To The New Facebook

The new design of the Facebook News Feed presents bigger photos and links, including for advertisements, and allows users to see specialized streams focused on topics like music and posts by close friends. The changes are designed to address the company’s two most vital challenges: how to hold on to users at a time of competing, specialized social networks and how to draw more advertising dollars to please Wall Street.

The New Facebook Design

Facebook Website Design

The design is essentially just an on-going newsfeed. The redesign is also a nod to the ubiquity of mobile devices, which a majority of Facebook’s one billion users worldwide use to log into their accounts.

Facebook Website Design

The new design is also a lot “cleaner,” taking into account the new Search Engine Optimization best practices of a minimal background (think, lots of white space) and high-contrast text/imagery. Pictures will show up bigger in the News Feed as well, an addition that is designed for mobile users. The reason the new News Feed emphasizes the importance of photographs is because they are one of Facebook’s most underexploited assets. Mark Zuckerberg said that half of all News Feed posts are pictures, compared with about a quarter of all posts a year ago. Every day, 350 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook by individual users and brands.

Facebook Website Design

Like pictures, videos are going to be displayed much larger as well.

Facebook Website Redesign

Website Redesign Example

And there will be larger images of maps and links to articles.

Social Platform Design

The new look is a nod to other social networks that are seeing viral growth, like Pinterest, which is built around large pictures.

Facebook Website Redesign

Your events will now be displayed together.

Redesign on Social Platform

The page navigation will be getting a new change as well; this new setup will allow you to jump between different versions of the News Feed as well; music, video, images, “all friends”, etc. Users can switch over to specialized feeds that are focused on just the music they are interested in, or they can scroll through a feed that consists of posts from the pages of products and people they follow — a bit like Twitter.

Social Media

This is what the “Friends” feed will look like.

Facebook Website Redesign

This is how your “music” feed will appear.

Website Redesign

An example of how your “photo” feed will be displayed within the new Facebook design.

Mobile Inspired Design

It undeniable that mobile devices are the future. Did you know that in most markets, smartphones outnumber PCs or that mobile users will soon outnumber those who access the Internet on their desktop? The benefit of this new Facebook design is that it is virtually identical on the desktop and on tablets and cellphones.

The design is cleaner, which is to say less cluttered and more consistent.

Here’s a good before/after to show what I mean (old design compared to the new design):

new facebook design

Who knows how the user base will respond? They tend to initially react very negatively when changes are made to Facebook’s designs. However, what they aren’t saying is how beneficial these changes are going to be for their advertisers, and that is a lot. Bigger images mean more branding opportunities and more possibilities for your products to be shown to a mass market.


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