GLI Spring Talent Attraction Forum

Louisville Business Development Talent Attraction

At Mediaura we’re often asked how we’ve been able to build such a diverse and talented team. Through careful strategy and talent attraction, we’ve recruited a team of amazingly talented individuals. Each one of our team members wears several hats and our corporate culture is one that has created an atmosphere or professional productivity and yet we still manage to have a lot of fun together (both inside and outside of the office).

When clients and other individuals come into our office they frequently remark on the climate and energy. At any given time, you may have 4 people strategizing in a conference room, other individuals mapping out designs or discussing how to improve a project, and at the same time folks standing around our ping-pong table in the midst of a competitive challenge. Our office is always lively and creative.

Even though we play hard, we work even harder; but the most important (and difficult) piece of that puzzle is finding talented people who can rise to the occasion and fit our employee model. As a young technology company, talent attraction has been the key to our success. However, most of the individuals with the talent and skills we seek often leave our city for employment elsewhere. This is commonly known as the “brain drain” and Mediaura is committed to helping to stop it in Louisville.

So mark your calendars, because on Thursday, April 19th, I will be joining Kelley Helegeson of Signature HealthCARE and Melissa Leary of Zappos on a panel discussion for GLI Spring Talent Attraction Forum to discuss how we’ve managed to succeed in this quest.

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