When It’s Time for a Website Upgrade

Is it time for a website upgrade?

Recently Mark’s Feed Store decided that it was time for a website redesign.

The need for a technological upgrade was not because they were unhappy with the previous incarnation of their brand, but rather they decided it was time to begin offering more information and services online. As more companies and consumers continue to grow and do business online, this type of adjustment is often necessary.

Their previous website appeared as such:

Mark’s Feed Store is a bar-b-q restaurant that was established in 1988 and has several locations in multiple states. Therefore they wanted to begin utilizing the latest advancements in website design and e-commerce in order to further enhance branding and consumer awareness.

The most important starting block of the redesign process was transitioning the existing design into something that would begin offering the benefits of Search Engine Optimization straight away. We updated them to a content management system that offers enhanced SEO features, along with additional security for their online property.

In addition to the new creative design elements, we also sent our staff photographers out on-site to get updated photographs of the various locations, food, products, etc.

Along with the new layout, Mark’s Feed Store decided that they would like to have E-Commerce available on their site as well.  We were happy to be able to provide this secure service for them, and their online store is set up so that people may shop safe and secure for delicious sauces and Mark’s Feed Store products within the comfort of their own home.

Mark’s Feed Store is also very involved with their community, therefore additional information has been added to the website  (in-depth information and online contact forms) in order to provide further materials regarding Mark’s Feed Store’s charity involvement and fundraising policies.

This is just a sneak peek at some of what we’ve done to improve Mark’s Feed Store user experience and branding practices.

Make sure to visit www.marksfeedstore.com and check out their new design.

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