The Brennan House

Helmed by our Creative Director, Donovan DeFerraro, Mediaura recently redesigned the website for The Brennan House.

The Brennan House serves as the home of Preservation Louisville, which has a full-time executive director and maintains the house and family collection as part of its mission to protect and promote the cultural, architectural and environmental heritage of our community. The house is available to rent for private parties, weddings, and corporate events.

The Old Website

Louisville Historical Homes

While the previous website held valuable information about the home and its functional capacity, it did little to convey its rich history and the beauty of the venue itself.

As you can see, the old design was full of unused “real estate” and empty design space that could have been utilized for more information, such as images.

The New Website Design

Brennan House New

This custom-designed website, is full of both historic and current photos of the Historic Home, along with valuable information regarding its services (i.e. wedding venue, etc).

As a company, we are proud to call Louisville home and take a personal interest in helping to share the city’s wonderful history.


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