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Mediaura ProBuilder Digital Signage

Even though digital signage has recently gained momentum here in the USA, Mediaura has been at the forefront of the revolution for years. Our proprietary ProBuilder Digital Signage software has been utilized in the restaurant field for several years now and has a proven track record of success. Although there are many companies that are now entering the realm of digital signage, Mediaura’s ProBuilder Digital Signage software has been rated by professionals time and time again as the most cutting-edge product available on the market.

If you can imagine something appearing on your restaurant signage screens, our software can make it a reality.

We are also proud to announce that despite the fact that our innovative ProBuilder Digital Signage software is still far ahead of the competition; we have recently spent the past year adding even more new capabilities and features to version 2.0.

Product Features

Our patent-pending ProBuilder Digital Signage simplifies managing your stores so you can keep your content updated and accurate while saving time and money on your QSR letter boards. You don’t need to pay a designer to update your content when you can do it from your own computer using our drag-and-drop web-based software.

Key Features of QSR letter boards:

  • Patent-Pending drag-and-drop interface to customize your signs
  • Integrated image library to manage your assets online
  • Advanced enterprise-ready multi-store and multi-sign management tools
  • Full-featured scheduling tool with day-parting, recurring schedules, one-time future event planning, and more
  • Historical archive showing proof of playback
  • Our player software has offline caching capabilities, a custom rendering engine to reduce bandwidth, and polling to ensure your display never goes blank due to loss of internet connectivity
  • API for integration with existing digital signage networks

How Can Digital Signage Increase Sales?

As a Digital Signage Today article recently highlighted:

As the restaurant industry accelerates the adoption of interior digital menu boards to showcase their offerings, more operators are also installing exterior digital signage to pull in new and existing customers. One such operator is Bill Marble, who owns a Dairy Queen outside of Cleveland. A few years ago, he replaced his dated letterboard sign outside of his restaurant as a way to remedy stagnant traffic. In 2008, his Dairy Queen’s summer sales were up just $2,000 from the spring. Since it was peak season for the brand, Marble said: “If I’m not up more than that, I’m down.” So, he researched digital LED message boards as a solution, saying it was a way to grab customers’ and potential customers’ attention.

“The results were pretty amazing,” Marble said. Specifically, sales jumped to $23,000, an increase of $21,000, during the last three months of the year.

“There was one other unit that installed the sign at the same time and, consistently for the entire year, we were 10 to 15 percent higher than the average of the other 35 stores in the territory, stores that had the same weather patterns,” Marble said. “The only thing I can point to is the sign.”

“I’ve put additions on, expanded the parking lot, improved equipment, remodeled, everything, and I can honestly say the sign was the second best thing I’ve done for business,” he said.

Check Out This Infographic

Digital Menu Board Mediaura ProBuilder Signage Software

Download the full infographic here.

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