Meet Our New SEO Specialist, Hunter!

If you’re searching for an SEO expert, stop here. Mediaura, a full-service digital marketing agency, recently hired a new search marketing specialist, Hunter Grove. In his short time at Mediaura, Hunter has already helped our clients reach new heights on Google. We asked him a few questions about the world of SEO and himself. 

How did you get into the very exciting world of SEO? 

I first learned about SEO at UofL in a digital marketing class. I was fascinated by the idea that web designers had the ability to influence where a site ranks on Google. But more importantly, I loved that it’s a form of digital marketing that’s relatively noninvasive. People are searching for what businesses have to offer anyway, and this way the audience comes to them. I think that’s cool. 

ELI5 (Explain Like I’m Five) SEO and why business owners should care about it? 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process in which certain tactics are used on a website to make it more likely to appear in results on search engines like Google (and Bing). It can include anything from very technical backend web development to simply putting the right words on the page. It’s extremely important for businesses because it’s a golden opportunity to present yourself to prospective customers who likely are already interested or in need of the goods and services you provide. 

What have you learned and/or accomplished since you started here? 

Sometimes in SEO, it’s hard to know exactly whether good results are directly related to your efforts. So, as for accomplishments, I don’t want to take too much credit. I will say, however, a client we onboarded shortly after I was hired, Cooperative Recovery, whose website content I had some input in, ranked very well, and quickly, upon signing up for SEO service. In the competitive market of Nashville, nonetheless. I was happy to see that happen.

What or who inspires you in your career? 

My mom. FDR. Also seeing clients rank higher on Google. 

If SEO didn’t stand for Search Engine Optimization and instead stood for an acronym that describes you, what would it be? 

Sleepy energetic oxymoron 

What have you Googled the most in your life? 

Probably what to do when I get stuck in video games. Or how to use chopsticks (I still don’t know how). 

Find out how far you can shoot up in Google rankings. Let Hunter help you by filling out a form on our Contact Us page. 

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