Meet Our New Creative Strategist, Tori! 

Tori Gatewood joins Mediaura straight off a successful stint at Derby City Gaming. As their Marketing and Communications Manager, she helped the company open and spent nearly four years working with their team to build their brand from the ground up. Her next challenge is serving as our new Creative Strategist — here to helm our stellar Marketing Team. It’s a role she’s earned after 15 years working in marketing for all sorts of organizations from a school district to entertainment venues to law firms. To get to know her beyond her impressive resume, we asked her some questions about her personal and professional accomplishments and beliefs. 

1. Why is branding for a business so important? 

With the rise of technology, demand for businesses to distinguish their brand from their competitors is at an all-time high. Developing unique brand strategies for their marketing that resonate with a business’s intended audience builds awareness and rapport. Meaningful and consistent campaigns promote memorable impressions that “meet people where they are” in their decision-making journey, making it easier for the consumer to choose your brand. 

2. What is your greatest professional accomplishment (so far)? 

I was honored to receive the 2019 Rising Star Award at the Louisville Tourism’s annual R.O.S.E Awards (Recognition of Service Excellence) as the Marketing & Communications Manager at Derby City Gaming (DCG). This was during our first year of business and for my role in establishing our culture as the author of the DCG Cultural Orientation and for championing the full scope of our brand strategy for Kentucky Derby 145.


In fact, all of the amazing opportunities that were afforded to me during my time with DCG and Churchill Downs Inc. round out the top of my career highlight reel — everything from intermittent Kentucky Derby stints working in email marketing and sponsorships efforts to time spent working on a team expanding the footprint of Historical Horse Racing Machines in the state of Kentucky. 

3. What is your greatest personal accomplishment (so far)? 

My kiddos! Seriously, without them my life would be pretty boring. There is never a dull moment with my three boys who are so close in age at 7, 9, and 11. They are both my greatest challenge and reward every day. Watching them become their own individual selves and experiencing the progression of their personalities is nothing short of amazing. Each of them is super creative in their own way and wildly intelligent. I’m thrilled to be their biggest fan for life! 

4. Who or what inspires you? 

From a marketing standpoint, I’m a sucker for projects with wild ideas and complex moving parts that I can frankenstein together to create a seamless vision. Also, Dolly Parton. I love a good underestimated female success story of conquering obstacles or overcoming impossible odds and her’s is unmatched! For decades, she has managed to maintain an intentional brand that has withstood the test of time. 

5. If you had to give yourself a slogan, what would it be? 

Everything is Figureoutable — a life mantra courtesy of Marie Forleo’s book: “Everything is Figureoutable.” 

6. If you could only visit one website for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Besides Google.) 

Hmmm. For a website, likely ASOS; I love shoes. In terms of an app…The Pattern

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