Meet Corey Capps

meet corey capps

Meet Corey Capps! Corey has been on the Mediaura team almost since the inception of the team itself. His hard work and dedication to the company not only set the example for everyone else that joins our team, but it also inspires and motivates them to become better workers themselves. It’s not uncommon to find him working until midnight or happily coming in to finish up projects on the weekends of his own accord. Corey is also the person that people in our office turn to when they are having difficulty figuring out a solution to a problem because even though he may not have an immediate answer he knows how to ask the right questions to help you down the path or see it from an outside perspective.

Corey is also aptly dubbed the “Devil’s Advocate” in our office because he is the person that will highlight or lists problems that may arise on a project before we begin working so that we have already developed solutions in case they arise. For this reason, he is crucial to streamlining our implementation and strategy processes. There have been countless times that this foresight has saved us many hours when the “unexpected” has occurred. It’s almost like having an experienced military general on the team because he is prepared for any situation. This is probably why his mind has compelled him to develop a very thorough Zombie Apocalypse strategy plan, which is quite impressive, to say the least.

Corey is also one of the most fun people you could possibly want to work with. An avid lover of Haunted Houses, last year he inspired team members to drive to Atlanta and back in a single day because he heard that there was a particularly scary haunted house (there was).

So without further ado…

1. Zombie Attack preparedness is important. What are some things people need to have and/or plan for in the event of an undead uprising?
Zombie Attack preparedness is a personal situation.  We all react and plan for the catastrophic in different ways and there are lots of things to consider.  Is this a biological outbreak, or have the dead risen from their graves?  Are these fast or slow zombies?  Did you have time to plan or did an arm just burst through your window?  Taking all these into account you can’t prepare for them all.

Let’s assume we’re dealing with a standard Romero zombie: slow, highly infectious, tenacious and sorta dumb. In fact, these are the only zombies I plan for.  In the event of the fast, biblical apocalypse, or smart zombies I probably don’t live to father the next generation of human life.  So, assuming we have shuffling hungry masses heading for us – what do we need to survive a few days before finding and establishing a base (I’ll be at the New Albany Home Depot by the way…)?  While I carry a cricket bat because in a pinch it would work, the ideal tool in a zombie apocalypse is a crowbar.  It’s a heavy, but not too heavy weapon and a tool for breaking into those supply laden stores.  I also carry a backpack with two flashlights (one battery-powered, one kinetic powered), two bottles of water, some granola bars, a poncho, a multi-tool, a basic first aid kit, the military survival guide, a pencil and small notebook, extra socks, gloves, a knit cap, a space blanket, two lighters,  100′ of nylon rope, a deck of cards, and dice.  I always carry a pair of shoes and an extra jacket in the trunk even in the summer.  These supplies should last me until I can take refuge in a stronghold.
zombie license plate corey capps
Corey’s License Plate

2. What is your favorite meme?
I love memes! The pick-up line panda is great.

panda pick up line meme


3. What makes you laugh?
Almost everything, the world we live in is full of things to laugh at and people to laugh with. 

4. Name one movie that you think everyone should see. Why?
Shine. A semi-biographical film about David Helfgott, a man who loses his mind in pursuit of the art he loves. It also introduced me to the Rach 3 (Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No 3 In D Minor, Opus 30). Why you should see it? It has amazing music, it’s true, and if you’ve never pursued something to the brink of insanity, you’re not living.

5. If you could have any other job (other than this one, as I know it’s your favorite) what would you do and why?
When I was 18 I thought I’d be a tattoo artist. My portfolio got stolen one day out of a friend’s car while we were having dinner.  I took it as an omen to pursue other interests. If money were no object though, I’d be willing to take to the buzzing needle again. 

6. Favorite Quote?
Live forever or die trying. 

7. As someone who likes to read comics, what superhero is the most underrated and why?
I don’t really read superhero comics so much, but of all the characters getting movie deals, Dr. Strange has been surprisingly overlooked. He’s the master of magic, the sorcerer supreme. SORCERER. SUPREME. OF. THE. COSMOS, but instead they made a movie about a guy who fights with a shield. Captain America…pfft.

8. What makes a haunted house scary?
Believing that you’re not in the haunted house. I was in a haunt once that relied heavily on chainsaws in the woods. We were let in through a door in a huge wall and saw three guys with saws talking about how the saws weren’t working well that night. One guy tried to start his chainsaw three times,  apologized to us, then when we all started to say it was okay he fired the chainsaw up, ran it over a barrel throwing sparks and screamed “we leave the chains on here… woo hoo” then ran off into the woods.

9. What is your favorite album?
Ugg, I hate this question. I fall in love with a new album every few weeks. I want to say Adele’s 21 but if I had to choose only one I’d take Queen’s Greatest Hits.

10. Why do you look forward to coming to work every day?
I literally learn something every day and I look forward to hearing what everyone did the night before.   

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