Mediaura Podcast Episode 1: Meet Mediaura Digital Marketing

On Mediaura Podcast Episode 1, Mediaura Founder/CEO Andrew Aebersold joins host Jim Ray in a discussion of Mediaura, its capabilities, and the client segments to which they provide digital marketing services. Andrew’s literally been doing this since he was a kid and has landed some high-profile clients. Join us as we launch this new marketing podcast.

Mediaura builds websites, custom platforms, mobile apps, creates and manages digital ads, runs social media platforms, and provides search engine optimization for clients. Based in Jeffersonville, IN, the agency works with clients across the country.

In 1987, Andrew build the intranet for Brown-Forman. This helped to consolidate and align all of their various brands across the globe. Eventually, it became a marketing and advertising system for Brown-Forman.

In 1988, Andrew began running a bulletin board system (the precursor to websites). He later ran a record label for a few years, for which he built websites and other marketing assets. Eventually, companies began to take notice and that launched his consulting career.

Andrew’s team eventually took over the digital marketing for a local agency called Creative Alliance. This lead to an opportunity to handle much of the digital work for KFC, among others.

The official start of Mediaura was in 2003.

The experience the Mediaura team has built over time enables them to bring solid expertise in conceptualization, designing, building, and managing the growth of many of the digital assets and platforms they deploy for clients.

A critical part of the equation is understanding the entire development must focus on the user experience (UX). If it’s a great platform, but nobody understands how to use or interact with it, it’s a failure.

Mediaura Client Segments

Healthcare is an important part of the Mediaura client portfolio. Behavioral health and addiction treatment is an area of particular focus for the agency. Notably, they built a marketing platform for Community Health Systems, which had 100s of hospitals in their network.

Mediaura understands how to market in the behavioral health space, at the granular level. They’ve served dozens of groups in this particular segment.

Financial Services is a growing segment of the client portfolio. Moreover, as these companies branch out and explore digital marketing, there are numerous compliance issues and other challenges.

Over time, the Mediaura team has learned to navigate the financial services environment to ensure an efficient and effective approach.

A number of Mediaura’s clients are relying on them for E-commerce solutions. The team is currently building a platform for a client that will resemble another E-bay. The build should take 3 years to complete, but it’s been accomplished in modules to enable the client to realize immediate results, along the journey.

Food/Beverage and Hospitality is an exciting segment Mediaura serves. It’s extremely visual. The brands are starting to see a post-COVID resurgence. Their level of expertise can be tracked back to some of the work they did for YUM Brands in the early years. The service corporate and franchise-level clients, as well as local brands.

Mediaura Can Handle It

Over the years, this agency has built a strong reputation for creativity and performance. Mediaura services local, regional and national clients. In fact, they even have a couple of international client projects. While they aren’t the largest agency, when it comes to certain vertical markets, Mediaura is the go-to agency, all while building a national brand itself.

Mediaura helped to build the online sales, e-commerce platform for Longhorn Steak House. The scale of a client, or a client’s needs, typically isn’t a problem.

This level of performance and reputation has enabled them to be a little pickier these days, but they’re open to taking on various types of challenges. “We Believe in You” is a core theme for Mediaura. If they take on your project(s), it’s because they believe in your success, vision, and what you are trying to accomplish.

Solving Common Challenges for Clients

Lead Generation and Sales

Andrew is very confident his agency can be very effective in addressing these challenges and providing effective solutions, based on the clients’ desired outcomes.

At times, it’s a matter of developing and implementing the proper infrastructure for the client. Although at other times, it’s more about connecting the dots to enable a client to understand how the tools and platforms are working to generate leads, revenue, or another key metric.


In some situations, it can be difficult for clients to really get to the core issue of a particular challenge. However, Mediaura brings a highly-level understanding of market segments, data measurement, and interpretation. That commercial expertise can be extremely valuable for a client who is trying to understand the issue(s) at a granular level so better decisions about investment and growth can be made.

Custom Development Work

Finishing an internal project can often lead to unanticipated roadblocks. Mediaura has a track record of engaging to help a client push them over the finish line. Furthermore, the agency has built a reputation for delivering complex projects. This often generates a number of trusted referrals.


Interestingly, Andrew and his team have been approached by clients who thought they had a great idea but may have missed some key considerations. The expertise Mediaura brings, based on experience, can help a client to avoid a costly mistake or even a failed launch. It’s about business acumen and integrity.

Interesting in Working with Mediaura?

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Final Thoughts from Mediaura Podcast Episode 1

Andrew closes with this important advice: “In 2021, if you’re not online, you need to be.” You’ll also note the space is really crowded. Having just a website isn’t good enough anymore. You
need to deliver on conversion, by working with a team that has recognized marketing chops. Ultimately, this is where Mediaura really adds value and drives results for a client.

Going forward, our plan is to launch a bi-weekly episode. There will be a mix of people joining Andrew. They’ll be from various industries and will candidly discuss some of the ways
Mediaura is partnering with them to meet and overcome business challenges. The goal is to generate a real-time case study to better equip the audience to ask more informed questions
about their own challenges.

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