Mediaura launches AAF-Louisville Mobile App

AAF Mobile App iPhone Androind Louisville

Mediaura is proud to announce the launch of the AAF-Louisville smartphone mobile app!

App Description

The American Advertising Federation of Louisville is proud to announce the launch of our new mobile smartphone application. Built exclusively for AAF-Louisville by Mediaura; the goal was to create an immediate and convenient way for the AAF-Louisville membership base to remain up-to-date on the latest news, information and the events of the organization; while additionally providing the quickest way for members to register for programs.
This mobile application is seamlessly integrated via RSS feeds to populate the data fields with the most up-to-date information provided on the AAF-Louisville website. All news, events, and job postings appear in “real-time.” With the creation of a separate, secure mobile payment solution website, users now have the ability to not only see the latest events, but register by providing credit card and guest information directly from the mobile app!

Mobile Application Walkthrough


The About section provides the user with an overview of AAF-Louisville’s prominent role in our business community, especially in the realm of advertising and marketing. However, AAF-Louisville isn’t just about networking opportunities; this incredible organization provides educational resources, best practices and informational programs throughout the year on a variety of topics relevant to every type of business or organization.

Mobile App Louisville Smartphone Android Iphone AAF

The News section gives the user both a quick overview of the latest information relevant to the AAF-Louisville community. Whether it’s program information, interviews with industry professionals, or special events – the News section will keep you up-to-date with the latest “happenings” at AAF-Louisville.

Mobile App Louisville Smartphone Android Iphone AAF

If you see a news item that you’re interested in learning more about, all you need to do is touch the screen and select the corresponding article. This will take you to the full article or news event so that you can read all about it!

Mobile App Louisville Smartphone Android Iphone AAF

The Events section lists all of the upcoming AAF-Louisville events so that you are able to plan your schedule accordingly in order to attend. If you see an event that you’re interested in, just touch that event to learn more.

Mobile App Louisville Smartphone Android Iphone AAF

Now this is where the mobile app gets really special and convenient – once you select an event you’re interested in, not only are you able to read the full details but you are also able to register directly from the mobile app! Once you click on the “Register For Event” tab, all you need to do is provide your information and payment details and an email will be sent to the AAF-Louisville confirming your reservation. There’s also no need to worry about the safety of your information, the mobile app is utilizing Mediaura’s ultra-secure encryption processing technology. So you can rest assured your information will never be compromised! Security is always Mediaura’s top priority!

Louisville Mobile App Iphone Android AAF

The Job Shop has always been a unique and beneficial tool for AAF-Louisville. This area of the mobile app is mirrored to show the user the most up-to-date job listings available.

Louisville AAF Mobile App Advertising Iphone Android

If you see a job you like, just select the title to further information that includes the Job Description, the company (if listed), and how to apply.

 Advertising Iphone Android

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can contact the AAF-Louisville directly from your phone as well! The AAF-Louisville has really gone above-and-beyond to make this the most user friendly app possible!

Download the App Now!

Advertising Iphone Android

If you’d like to download and experience the AAF-Louisville application yourself, just scan this handy QR code and you will be taken to the online store in order to download this FREE mobile application.

Mediaura would like to thank Doug Prater, Julie Garrison, Mary Gratzer and the fantastic AAF-Louisville team for the wonderful opportunity to create something unique and special for them! It has truly been an honor to work with your organization!

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