Mediaura Creates E-Learning Platform for Communities in Schools Clark County

The Challenge

CIS Clark approached Mediaura to see if we could create an E-Learning Platform for their program. School shutdowns because of COVID-19 have impacted their schedule, and they needed a way to continue the after-school educational offerings in a virtual world.

While schools have complimentary access to Google Classroom, after-school programs do not fall into that category. Google Classroom also felt very cold and had limitations that may be a turn-off to students.

What is the Solution?

CIS wanted a tool that could be customized and get students excited about learning. The requirements were relatively simple for Mediaura, although many organizations had already passed on the project, not knowing how to create a piece of custom software like this. Our first goal was determining what existed and whether we could benefit from existing technology or if we needed to build this from scratch.

To our surprise, some open-source software did exist that we could download and self-host. Using an open-source platform as a starting point means that we could borrow from the current technology, customize it however we wanted, and host it on our system.

The E-Learning platform benefits

E-Learning Platform for CIS Clark

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Customization Opportunities
  3. No Licensing Fees
  4. No Limitations for Licensing (no pay per teacher, per student, or classroom)
  5. Host Website Wherever
  6. Faster Deployment

Much to the surprise of CIS Clark, this approach allowed us to check every single box on their wish list of features, cost, and timing. Our research had paid off!

Over the next few months, we worked closely with CIS Clark to determine the exact workflow, specific functionality, the hierarchy of classrooms and user permissions, and the procurement, creation, and loading of content for the students.

We love our clients and our clients love us!

Mediaura is AWESOME! If you’re looking to build a website for any reason at all – GO THROUGH THEM! Our organization provides after school programming for grades K-12. We started offering virtual programming to our kiddos during Greater Clark’s eLearning days due to COVID. We come from the education world and technology is not our thing. Mediaura helped us create a website that would be appealing to the students, house all our enrichment activities, academic help resources, and provide ways for the students to engage and reflect. Lindsay at Mediaura is amazing to work with. She is patient, helpful, and understanding to our needs! She even went above and beyond to train our staff and help me after hours. 5 star!

– Mariah Mayfield
Secondary After School Program Manager

We Want To Help Others

Mediaura is proud to have worked on a solution that will benefit so many students in our community, but we do not want to stop there. We know that classroom closures negatively impact students all over the nation. Even after schools can resume normal operations, there will be a need for virtual learning in an ongoing fashion. That is why we want to offer this solution to all CIS programs.

You can have a turn-key E-Learning platform for a very reasonable fee that will benefit your program for years to come. We can have it up and running, customized for your needs, in as little as one month.

Contact us for more information. Let’s get started!

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