Shark Tank’s Happy Feet Redesign

Happy Feet is a slipper business that started as a mall cart program in 1996 and has grown into an international company, with an appearance on Shark Tank in 2014 and now, they are producing items for a number of DreamWorks properties. The company has rapidly expanded over the years, appearing on different TV shows from Good Morning America to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But there was one problem – their website didn’t represent their business well or the quality of their products in the slightest.

Mediaura partnered up with Happy Feet earlier this year to completely reinvent their online presence. Our team created an entire digital strategy for their company from top to bottom. We worked very closely with the Happy Feet team to create a strategy that would engage and convert their major audiences, improve their user experiences and most of all, convey the high quality and comfort of their product. It is by far one of the most robust sites in our portfolio to date. You can view the site in its entirety here.

The Redesign

The old website was outdated, cluttered and hard to navigate. There were far too many call-outs, the menu wasn’t easy to find and there was little to no organization. The interior pages included one unprofessional photo for each item. Mediaura created a homepage that is clean, concise and shows the customers exactly what they are looking for. We included the top 5 products for each category of slipper on the homepage with a call to action “view more” button. The main menu now includes drop downs so users can go directly to the slipper they want to purchase.

The Old Website

old hf website

New Homepage

whole home page new

When you click on a slipper, it takes you to an interior page with a banner image of the product, a large picture of the slipper and six different angled shots below it that enlarge when hovered on. We did all the photography for this project in house and went above and beyond to show the customer exactly what they are purchasing. Each item has a full description and a list of details about the product.

toothless full page

Every item has a list of custom made icons that when clicked on will take you to that style of shoe. Each style of shoe has it’s own detailed description with angled shots.

shoe icons

robert the shark

We’ve included a related items option that pops up at the bottom of the page for each item.

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Our team also set up a Juicer account for the site, which aggregates all the Happy Feet social media posts into a single feed.

happy feet juicer 1


The website is now mobile responsive and allows for easy use on smartphones and tablets.

Happy Feet Mobile

Let Mediaura Help You

This project consisted of website development and design, content creation, eCommerce solutions, photography, social media management, an on-going PPC and SEO strategy and more. Whether you’ve been on Shark Tank or not, Mediaura is a full-service digital agency that prides itself on developing digital solutions for our clients, whatever their needs may be. Let us take your online presence to the next level and contact us or call us today at 502-554-9649.

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