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The Benefit of Digital Menu Boards

The foundation of a successful digital menu board strategy is quality content. The last few years have seen tremendous adoption of digital signage in the quick-service restaurant arena. Traditional printed menu boards are slowly being replaced by the high-resolution digital menu boards. These new types of boards offer many benefits to both the company and its consumers; however, most of them are markedly underutilized – especially in their content.

Some of the most widely cited benefits of Digital Menu Boards are:

Clarity of Decision Making

Digital menu boards provide customers with rich and vibrant displays that are more eye-catching than static menu boards. Also, the digital aspect comes into play when restaurant owners with extensive menus require less wall ‘real estate’ to display what they serve. This allows customers to be able to see all menu items and make an informed purchase decision, enhancing their experience at the restaurant.

Positive Customer Experience

Digital menu boards not only give restaurants the flexibility of easy menu changes, but the displays are more visually appealing to customers. QSRs can create a positive brand experience by showcasing nutritional information that is becoming increasingly important in a customer’s purchase decision. Having digital menu boards also instills a perception of technology leadership in the minds of today’s technology-savvy consumers.

Unified Brand Experience

With mobile and kiosk integration, digital menu boards provide a unified brand experience to the customer. Digital menu boards, mobile websites, and kiosk interfaces can be made to look the same so customers don’t feel lost when dealing with the restaurant through different mediums. The seamless integration between these mediums provides consistent messaging across multiple customer touchpoints and the brand doesn’t skip a beat with menu and other content changes.

Other Reasons:

  • Boost the success of promotional items
  • Easily accommodate new nutritional info requirements
  • Decrease your printing costs
  • Quickly adjust to price changes and menu additions
  • Reduce long lines and wait times with better menu presentation
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Deliver employee messaging while the store is closed

Your Digital Menu Board Content Matters

As anyone who has implemented one of these items into the field can attest, the heart of any successful digital menu board is the content. More specifically it is the promotions that can increase your profits. Digital menu board technology gives you the opportunity to change your promotions frequently, thereby keeping them fresh for your customers. This is what helps drive increases in revenues.

Customer profiles can change dramatically during different dayparts and digital menu boards need to adapt with relevant content. For example, the early morning commuter preparing for their day at the office has different needs compared to the college student visiting the restaurant for a late-night snack. Developing different content for each day part is a good way to start and get the maximum benefit out of the technology. Quick-service restaurants need to be mindful of their overall objectives and goals in developing their content strategy for digital menu boards.

However, all too often we see digital menu board systems in place where the content never gets updated – it becomes old and stale. This happens because after the initial excitement of installing a new digital menu board system, the restaurant operator moves on to other tasks that need attention. And where are these new promotions supposed to come from anyway? Most restaurant owners lack the staff (and especially the necessary skillset) needed for creating and updating content on a digital menu board system. Certainly the restaurant operator would have to pay someone to do this. So nothing gets done. Conversely, many menu board owners become frustrated because the company that installed their screens is difficult to get updates from, the cost of their content creation is quite high, or they are not able to offer a truly innovative product or design.

Now this wonderful investment that is designed to drive sales and increase profits is conveying a negative branding image to your customers.

Consumers Are Savvy

It should go without saying that consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and discerning, especially in regards to technology. Simply having an electronic menu on display is no longer enough to engage your audience, especially if the screens frequently go down or the content isn’t memorable enough. Digital menu boards are the future, and if your competitor has a better screen and menu board design, they are going to have an advantage – certainly in a society that so highly values strong marketing initiatives.

This is where Mediaura can help your business.

While we still offer our ProBuilder Digital Signage Software, we recognize that some other companies have opted to try a different solution yet are not getting the most out of their investment. This is why we are now offering our custom Digital Signage Content Creation services to businesses directly. Mediaura is often solicited by other menu board service providers to create custom digital menu board content for their clients. However, now companies will be able to contact us directly for our services, eliminating additional costs and helping to lower their overhead – while obtaining fully customized digital signage content for their stores. This will allow operators to continue using their legacy system while allowing more fresh and up-to-date content to be pushed to their screens.

Digital Signage Content Creation Is Our Specialty

Digital Signage Software

Why trust Mediaura with your digital media content?

Simply put, we are one of the forefathers of the industry – patenting software solutions, implementing digital signage solutions, and innovating the technology for over a decade.

Our commitment to quality service and excellence is qualified by our clients’ loyalty to our products. Nearly all of our clients have been using our solutions since day one with complete customer satisfaction.

Mediaura’s quick-turnaround-time makes sure that your screens are refreshed as often as you prefer, giving you an edge over your competition that you can afford.

Contact Mediaura today to learn how we can start helping you increase sales and elevate your brand through enhanced digital signage content.

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