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Attorney At Law Magazine

What makes a good web design? How much should you expect to pay for a professional website? What do the terms SEO & SEM really mean? How can I garner more clients?

These are all questions that are posed to us on a daily basis by inquiring potential clients. People seek out Mediaura for our expertise and innovation. As a company, we have worked hard at building a reputation as a business that not only goes above-and-beyond what is needed to get a job done, but also as a team of professionals who strive to educate our clients throughout the process.

For most people, programming and design is a foreign concept. They know what they like (ie. what looks good), but oftentimes they aren’t clear on the process that it takes to get to the final product (ie. the website). At Mediaura, we feel that it is crucial to take the time to educate our clients on not only our recommendations but also what their comparative options are as well. That way, they are able to make better, more informed decisions about their business.

These days, a company’s website is just as vital to their solvency and growth as anything else that comprises the business. It is a virtual advertisement that is “on” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So it is imperative that time is taken in its construction and aesthetics. Additionally, when you enter the realm of Attorney websites, there are legal guidelines you must also be mindful of and adhere to.

We were recently asked to share our expert opinion on these matters, by the wonderful Anna Barker; Publisher of Attorney At Law Magazine. It was a fantastic experience, and we sincerely appreciate the time Anna Barker took out of her busy schedule to meet with us and talk about all of these things first-hand. It really says a lot when someone running a magazine as prestigious as this, takes a moment to really learn the process themselves. We have been thrilled to contribute to this publication and are anxious to participate in the future.

Pick up the premiere issue of Attorney At Law Magazine, and read the article “Web Design: Subjective Opinions and Legal Necessities” by Dawn Geary, from Mediaura.

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