Adventures in Advertising

Louisville Zoo Commercial

The Mediaura office was buzzing today with lots of exciting news – two major website projects were finished; we will be expanding our offices yet again, and the Louisville Zoo was shooting a new commercial and chose to use not only our conference room but some of our staff as well. Our team loves coming into work, because not only are our days varied, but you never know when something exciting and out of the blue – like starring in a commercial – is going to occur. Suffice it to say that we like to keep in interesting around here, enjoying our adventures in advertising.

It was also an informative experience. Many of our team members spend their days working on marketing strategies, planning out branding initiatives and architecting advertising campaigns from start to finish. So to have the opportunity to appear in front of the camera was a whole new experience. We had a wonderful experience working with the whole commercial team and their professional actors.

The best part for us is that we decided to take the check we received for using our location and donate it back to the Louisville Zoo. Every year the Mediaura team takes an outing to the zoo, and we appreciate having such an incredible place in our community.

But alas, while today has been a fun time and we had a lot of laughs, fortunately, we have lots of work waiting for us at our desks.

To view the commercial, please visit this link.

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